Friday, October 23, 2020

Happy Friday

Hey, I didn’t throw anything at the TV last night and Trump restrained by Kristen Welker was more annoying than when he was off the rails back in September.  Joe Biden was Joe Biden.  I count it as a win.

I’ve been paying attention to the wildfires in Colorado that burning through Rocky Mountain National Park and threatening Estes Park.  Friends are reporting that they have evacuated to Longmont and Lyons.  One fire is creeping closer to the town of Glen Haven where two of the Cheley Camps are located.

A view of Estes Park and Longs Peak, July 1991.


3 barks and woofs on “Happy Friday

  1. My brother-in-law lives in a suburb of Denver and tells me he has to use a leaf blower to clear the wood ash off his car every morning. Hayman, Black River, Topaz, a bunch of others burned way too close to me when I lived in the Rockies.
    Yesterday we were recalling a time back in Colorado when we were waiting to hear if we’d have to evacuate when suddenly a loud, bullhorn voice blared through our house. We jumped, thinking the time had come – turned out our cat Moochie had stepped on the radio clock alarm and turned it on.

    • I was in Estes Park in 1976 and saw the aftermath of the Big Thompson Flood, and again in 1982 when Lawn Lake Dam burst and sent a flood through downtown Estes Park. I’ve also been a bit too close to wildfires in New Mexico. At least with hurricanes, you get a lot of warning and can see the path it will take.

      • Yeah, a friend lost his home and many animals in the Cal-Wood fire last week. There are drawbacks to living in the Upper Peninsula (there are drawbacks to living anywhere) but I don’t miss worrying about wildfires at all!

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