Thursday, October 22, 2020

If They Were Winning

I smell more desperation.

During a pro-Trump rally earlier this month in Nevada City, Calif., enthusiastic supporters in cars and trucks crowded into the parking lot of the county government center.

As many as 300 people played music, cheered and called out through a megaphone, according to Natalie Adona, a county election official who could see the gathering from her second-floor office at the Eric Rood Administration Center.

But unlike usual Trump rallies, this one was happening at the site of one of the most popular drive-up ballot boxes in the county. And early voting was already underway.

That afternoon, voters were forced to navigate through the pro-Trump crowd, and some felt the electioneering amounted to voter intimidation.

I think the reason you see all these pro-Trumpers showing up at early voting sites is because they’re seeing that the shit is about to hit the fan. If they were truly confident they were going to win, they wouldn’t have to carry on as if their home was in a tree. They’re desperate. The jig is up and they know it.

2 barks and woofs on “If They Were Winning

  1. We need to get the police involved when stuff like this happens, even if we believe that the police will do nothing. Later, when the dust has settled, this will allow us to go back and hold people accountable.

  2. I sure hope we get enough votes that any bs pulled by that party (and international monkey business) don’t matter. It’s frustrating that so many people have to wait in such long lines.

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