Thursday, November 5, 2020

Disagreement Or Destruction

It has been a bit of a trope, especially during the last few months of the presidential campaign, to hear people say something along the lines of “we can disagree without being disagreeable,” as if the differences between their candidate and yours is merely a matter of policy differences or which fork to use for dessert.  Yes, there are some issues where we can come to a point of “toe-may-toe” vs. “toe-mah-toe,” but as my friend and playwright Scott Sickles noted, it comes down to more than just unfriending someone on social media.

Democrats are going to be criticized for wanting people who voted for the incumbent president out of their lives.

A friend made this declaration and got criticized for his intolerance to non-Biden voters, to which I sardonically responded, “How dare you not accept people who empower those who try to destroy you?”

One of his critics posed the question, “Disagreeing with people is trying to destroy them?”

This afforded me the chance to clarify. I replied:

“No. this has nothing to do with disagreeing with people.

This has to do with people taking action through voting or exercising power given to them by voters… to destroy people.

People trying to take the rights away from others and make it so their marriages are invalidated; denying those people the right to adopt or maintain custody of children, purchase a home or keep their jobs because of who they are; allowing police to kill Blacks and others with impunity while they’re protesting, talking on the phone, or sleeping in their beds; supporting white supremacist agendas; taking away access to health care that’s keeping people alive; withholding information about a pandemic while spreading misinformation about how dangerous it is; disenfranchising voters by administratively sabotaging the postal service; betraying our allies abroad by leaving them defenseless at the hands of dictators; separating children from their families at the border which Obama never did (those children were unaccompanied minors meaning they were already separated and crossed the border without an adult); basically denying the humanity of anyone not straight, white and allegedly Christian… THAT’S destroying people.

It’s not about you disagreeing with me. It’s about you supporting people in power who are trying to dehumanize and disenfranchise people because they’re not like you.

My rights aren’t here for you to disagree with.”

Amen. Or, as we say in theatre, END OF PLAY.