Monday, November 30, 2020

End Of The Season?

The 2020 hurricane season officially ends today after a record thirty named storms came through in the North Atlantic alone.  Here in South Florida we dodged the bullets, but the Gulf Coast from Texas to Alabama were hit hard on at least four occasions, and that says nothing about the storms that hit in the Pacific, devastating the Philippines and Asia.

But climate change is a hoax, right?

By the way, just because the calendar marks the end of the season doesn’t mean it pulls the switch on tropical disturbances.  There have been many times when storms spin up during the months between December  and June, and it’s even showing up in harsher winter weather in the temperate zones.

The hurricane season never really ends.

One bark on “End Of The Season?

  1. About those storms in the Gulf: Here in Chicago we’ve had a particularly windy summer and fall, including a couple of storms that tore branches of trees and even snapped trees off. That’s been coupled with temperatures in the 70s in early November and warm fall temperatures overall.

    I credit those storms pushing warmer air up the Mississippi Valley.

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