Friday, November 6, 2020

Happy Friday

Overnight the vote count in the state of Georgia put Joe Biden in the lead, and he is picking up mail-in votes still being counted in Pennsylvania.  The Associated Press has been saying that Biden won Arizona for three days now which gives him 264 electoral votes, six shy of 270 and the win.  Other news outlets have Biden at 253.  Either way, all Biden has to do is pick up Pennsylvania and he’s the president-elect.

Yesterday afternoon Trump went into the White House briefing room to make a statement about the state of the election.  It was so full of bullshit that several TV networks, including MSNBC, cut away after about ten seconds, refusing to participate in the shit show.  His campaign is filing multiple lawsuits to try to stop the count in various places such as Michigan and Pennsylvania, claiming fraud and conspiracy, and just as promptly being dismissed.

So, things at this point are looking good.