Monday, January 4, 2021

Confederacy Of Klutzes

You’ve probably heard some of the tape of Trump’s call to the Georgia Secretary of State to basically rig the outcome of the presidential race in that state to make it come out on his side.

Now the question is what is going to be done about it.


Yes, it’s impeachable and yes, it’s most likely illegal, but in the current climate of cowardice in the GOP and the fact that barring some kind of unimaginable operation the Trumps will be escorted out of the White House in less than three weeks, the most you can expect is outrage — well-earned but ultimately unheeded — and denial and bullshit from the base of the party that still thinks Hillary Clinton’s e-mails are grounds for public execution.  But that’s all.  Hey, look, the NFL playoffs are posted.

The blessing in all of this is that Trump and his band are so fucking incompetent that they can’t even pull off what amounts to a coup without tripping over their own shoelaces or telling the world and Fox News exactly what they’re doing while blaming the Democrats.  We’ve seen better planning and more secrecy in a summer camp panty-raid.

There are some who are taking Trump’s threats and bluster seriously to the point that the ten surviving former secretaries of Defense wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post telling the world that no, the military will not participate in any attempt to alter the peaceful transition of power.

But the lesson to be learned from this is that we have gone too long with letting people of power get away with their treachery, knowing that nothing would happen or that they would be rewarded with pardons, clemency, or at least a contributing spot on Fox News.  This kind of shit has got to stop, and it must be punished in real time with real consequences, not a tweet-storm.  Until that happens, it will go on.  And on.