Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Don’t Let Up

For a while it looked like Mitch McConnell was still going to wield power even though he is no longer the Senate Majority leader.  Through the arcane rules of that chamber, he was refusing to give up his power unless the new majority agreed to his demands about keeping the filibuster.  Basically it’s the same as hostage-takers making demands of the SWAT team.  But Chuck Schumer, the new majority leader, was having none of it even though he knew it might endanger the agenda of the Democrats and the newly-minted Biden administration.  For a few days, it looked like the desire for unity and comity would overpower the simple fact that McConnell was the guy barricaded in the bank and screaming into the phone and the Democrats would do what they always seem to do: cave.

But last night it was McConnell who caved.  He agreed to follow the rule that was used the last time there was a 50-50 split in the Senate and the Democrats were in the White House.  The Democrats will now be able to go forth and do their job of appointing committee chairs and all the other things that the party with the majority gets to do.

Finally. It’s about time the Democrats held their ground, controlled their wavering members, and let the GOP be the ones who are in disarray. Frankly, the Republicans have been in disarray since Trump came down that escalator, but they’ve been very adept at deflection, projection, and bullshit, and they’ve swept up the both-siders and what-abouters in the punditry who stroke their chins, clutch their pearls, and mewl about being “nice.” I don’t think we have to be “nice” to people who supported insurrection and got people killed. Neither do we have to do unto them what they tried to do. We just have to stand firm, stand together, and hold them accountable. The SWAT team does not kill the bank robbers; they wait them out, talk them down, and try to stop them with as little collateral damage as possible. But they do not give in.

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