Monday, February 8, 2021

All Shine And No Substance

Via the Washington Post:

In a wide-ranging interview with CBS News, President Biden expressed disappointment with how his predecessor had handled the coronavirus pandemic, specifically the number of vaccines that were available to inoculate the population. “The circumstances of how the [previous] administration handled covid was even more dire than we thought,” he said in a segment aired Sunday afternoon.

Biden admitted it would be “difficult” to vaccinate much of the population by the summer and said he had ordered vaccine makers to ramp up production and had the assurances of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that all its stadiums could be used as mass vaccination sites.

In 1961, JFK said that when he got into office, he was shocked to find out that things were really as bad as they had said they were when he was running for president.

That said, I find it very plausible to believe that anything could be as rotten as they’re finding they are; in fact, I think they’ll find that rot runs far deeper than than what appears on the surface.

It reminds me of a monologue from “Inherit the Wind” (1960) with Spencer Tracy and Fredric March.

That’s what Trump and his minions were selling, and that’s what all of his followers swallowed: that the only way to save the country was to buy Golden Dancer. A lot of us knew it was all shine and no substance. And we still need to hold those charlatans to account for the damage they caused.