Monday, February 15, 2021

That’s A Wrap

Okay, so the second impeachment of Trump is over and went the way we all knew it would.  I am not surprised that seven Republicans voted to convict: two of them have announced they’re retiring, and the others were just re-elected so they are relying on the notoriously short memory of the electorate so that when they are next up for re-election it will be in the middle of Joe Biden’s second term.  They get a golf-clap if not for their courage than for their political calculation.

As far as the focus of this entire exercise, I am determined to relegate him to the ash-heap of history.  In the last four years, I made it a small point to myself never to use the word “president” as a modifier or honorific for Trump (that does not include the articles I posted) because while I believe the office is more important than the occupant, he did everything he could to defile the space occupied by such men as Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, Dwight Eisenhower, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy who understood the burden they undertook.  None of them were perfect, and some had more success in office than others, but at the very least they did not attempt to remake the nation into an authoritarian state in their own perverted image.

I wish I could promise that I will never write about him again, but that’s irresponsible blogging (like there’s a rule about that), and I look forward to seeing the arc of justice bend down and bite him in the ass.  But for now, there’s too much work to do to get our normal back.  And to quote President Jed Bartlet, “what’s next?”

One bark on “That’s A Wrap

  1. I feel like I’ve had an air horn blaring constantly in my ear for the last four years. I never want to think about him again.

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