Saturday, February 13, 2021

We Will Remember You

The Senate acquitted Trump by a vote of 57 for conviction, 43 for acquittal.  They needed ten more to convict.

I’m sure the slathering mob will go after the seven Republicans who voted to convict.  Some of them are already planning on retiring in 2022, and amazing as it seems, some actually have a conscience and voted to convict, knowing he would be acquitted even if they voted the way they did.

But the lesson we learn is that now we know who thinks it’s more important to fear the mob than follow the law.  Those senators who voted No think they are safe in their seats, and many probably are.  But it doesn’t mean that we who believe in the rule of law and the Constitution will forget who sided with the insurrectionists; the ones who defiled the Capitol with the Confederate battle flag — something that never happened in the last attempt at destroying the union — and enabled Trump to crow that his lies and provocations for death and destruction are above the law.  Those senators, including two here in Florida who think they are safe, had better think again.  Of course I would never threaten them the way they so blithely allowed the mob to threaten the lives of their fellow citizens.  I am threatening them with the most powerful weapon of all against them: the ballot box.  I will make it my mission to see that the enablers, the sycophants, the cowards, and the Quislings face righteous justice by terminating their employment at the public trough and send them into retirement.

For all I care, they can go on Fox News or sell used cars on Biscayne Boulevard.  All I care about is getting them out of office so that no one thinks they represent me and that my tax dollars are paying their salary.  I will not subsidize treachery, cowardice, and Fascism.