Monday, April 26, 2021

Brewed Through A What?

I promise you, this is not from The Onion.

Via Huffington Post:

Now that Donald Trump’s former economic adviser Larry Kudlow has taken his words of wisdom from the White House to Fox News, he wants the nation to know that President Joe Biden is plotting to force Americans to drink “plant-based beer.”

Egads. Apparently the man who declared COVID-19 “contained close to airtight” before more than 570,000 Americans died is not talking about the beer everyone drinks now. That’s typically made from grains, hops and yeast — and not an ounce of steak. (Additives may include animal products, like gelatin, but beer is definitely plant based.)

The bonkers brewhaha was part of Kudlow’s raging criticism on Fox Business Friday against the proposed Green New Deal, which he claimed would end the country’s consumption of meat, eggs, cheese and dairy. None of that’s true; there’s nothing in the text of the plan that would ban those products.

I was once a fairly good connoisseur of beer, and I know that it consists of grain, barley, and hops. Last time I checked, those were, and still are, plants.

This is the same kind of hair-on-fire (although in Mr. Kudlow’s case, there’s not a lot of room for a flame) that entertained and horrified us in the start of the Obama administration along with death panels and Sarah Palin pallin’ around with meth-heads. We thought it couldn’t get any dumber, but then while the speed of light may be finite, stupid is infinite.

2 barks and woofs on “Brewed Through A What?

  1. Some members of my family have become the most annoying kind of evangelical vegans and I’ve suggested more than once that I’d be serving beer and french fries. Can’t argue that it’s not vegan.
    (I probably should have kept it to myself when one of them triumphantly served a “dairy free, gluten free, vegan” cheesecake and I remarked that it was like eating a memory foam mattress.)

  2. Stupid is infinite. Apparently.

    Perfect marks for the “culture war” scam. Keep ’em angry at the libs while we clean your clocks.


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