Monday, April 5, 2021

Gee What A Shock

Guess what: Trump voters are against President Biden’s agenda.

Biden and Democrats have touted the support of Republican voters and independents in forging ahead with sweeping new proposals that could transform the American economy and reverse a decades-long national aversion to increased domestic spending, and early polling shows some Republican approval of their efforts. That has encouraged top Democratic Party leaders to dare their GOP counterparts to stand in the way of policies they argue will rally the public.

But any window for cooperation appears to have already closed for Republicans in Congress — and it may be closing for GOP voters, as well. Interviews with dozens of voters in three swing congressional districts across the country revealed evidence that attacks on the spending push are beginning to take hold, and congressional Republicans said they are well positioned to capitalize on voter doubts and win their way back to power in 2022.

“Dozens of voters” in three districts are setting the pace for the GOP? Okay, Joe, give it up and go back to Delaware because nothing can stop the Trump juggernaut…

Actually, I was wondering when the Very Serious reporters would get around to asking the grumpy losers how they feel about being losers. News flash: they don’t like it. They also don’t mind being brazenly hypocritical about deficit spending and changing the course of America when it’s being done by someone they didn’t vote for. Of course they hate it, regardless of what it will do for them and their community. They’re probably skeered that they can’t wear a MAGA hat when they get their new job rebuilding their local school.

Not every Republican sees it through the pink haze of Trumpism.

Dickie Schweers, a longtime Charleston County councilman, said he believed the region needed funding to bring its current infrastructure up to date rather than to pursue new projects. And he said he welcomed his fellow Republicans raising concerns about Biden’s big ambitions.

“But I do say: Where was that opposition when Trump was pushing stimulus?” he asked. “It concerns me we’re principled when our party’s not in office … It’s only pork if it’s another person’s pork. That really is the way it works.”

More’s the pity.

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