Monday, May 3, 2021

Don’t Even Try

I’ve had to answer to a few friends about the school here in Miami where the people that run it not only refuse to get vaccinated for Covid-19, they are telling their teachers who have gotten the shots not to come to work because they’re afraid they will spread it: the vaccine, that is; not the virus.

I can’t explain it any more than I can explain any other careless, dangerous, and potentially life-threatening behavior, like the guy driving down the Palmetto Expressway at 65 with not just a flat tire but the rim riding on the pavement leaving a comet-like trail of sparks.  Or the people who get a snootful and drive drunk.  They do it in spite of the danger to themselves and others.

If the Centners want to go without vaccination, that’s their choice.  There is no federal mandate.  But when they run a private school and willfully expose children and staff to a disease that has killed over 580,000 Americans and is raging through other lands, they have an obligation, not just as educators, but just plain human beings, to protect if not themselves, than others.  That’s the whole point behind mask mandates, social distancing, and getting vaccinated.  You want to wallow in your freedoms?  Go ahead.  Just don’t take others unwillingly or unknowingly along with you.

There’s something uniquely narcissistic about the America Fuck Yeah freedom mindset that declares that just because I’m free to expose myself to death, disease, and stupid reality shows on cable TV, everyone else must abide by that or you’re a commie pinko libtard.  The fact that that way of thinking is the exact opposite of what this country stands for doesn’t sink in.  The first words of the Constitution are “We the People,” not “It’s All About Me.”

I’ve tried to explain that to some of the people I encounter who refuse to go along with the way life is now.  But now I don’t bother because while it may be cynical and cruel, life itself has a way of taking care of those who flagrantly and ignorantly snap their fingers under the nose of karma.  All I ask is that they do it far enough away from me and those I love so we’re not taken along with them.