Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Back To Reality

Coming home from something like Valdez — except there’s not much like that experience — always takes a little while.  The time zone adjustment going there settles in after a few days of perpetual daylight, as does the constant movement between readings and talking with friends, rehearsing, and listening.  Then the long return home, including a six-hour overnight flight where you’re unable to sleep because the seat is small and the woman in the row behind you will not stop talking to her children, then the hustle and bustle of moving through the airport to the next flight, the drone of humanity going somewhere else surrounding you.  But home I am, and thank you Bob for making your way through the rain and the drivers who think it’s Stupid Drivers Monday.  And meeting up with a friend for another theatre journey later this week.

The reality hits with a leaking disposer and faucet in the kitchen, two loads of laundry to be done and put away, and of course a phone call or two from the office to remind me that when I get back there this morning that I still have things to do before the long weekend.  The pictures from this past week are all saved and will be shared, but the coach has turned back into a pumpkin and all the mice have run away…

But it’s good to be home.  It means that there’s one less day to wait before I can go back.


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