Thursday, June 3, 2021

Half The Life Of A Fruit Fly

From the Washington Post:

Former president Donald Trump’s blog, celebrated by advisers as a “beacon of freedom” that would keep him relevant in an online world he once dominated, is dead. It was 29 days old.

Upset by reports from The Washington Post and other outlets highlighting its measly readership and concerns that it could detract from a social media platform he wants to launch later this year, Trump ordered his team Tuesday to put the blog out of its misery, advisers said.

On its last day, the site received just 1,500 shares or comments on Facebook and Twitter — a staggering drop for someone whose every tweet once garnered hundreds of thousands of reactions.

Blogging takes time, preparation, and thought. Good bloggers — those who believe they owe something to the readers — try to inform, educate, perhaps entertain along the way, and contribute to society. Even if it’s about cars, mumbletypeg, or theatre, it should be a voice, not a blaring fart-horn. From what little I’ve seen of what TFG put out, he did none of that, plus he begged for money and exhorted his readers to buy more of his crap. (Yes, this blog has a Donate button and a link to merchandise through Cafe Press, but I’ve never demanded that my readers use them. Nor will I.) As the Quakers might say, speak — or in this case, blog — only if you can improve the silence.

Frankly, I’m surprised that his “beacon of freedom” lasted as long as it did. He has the attention span of a fruit fly, so it’s fitting, I suppose, that in blogging terms, his had the half the life span of Drosophila melanogaster, which is 50 days. (See, you learned something here.)

Meanwhile, today marks 6,417 days in the life span of this blog. See you tomorrow.

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  1. “…blaring fart horn” Thats the new nickname for my boss. “Did you catch what BFH was goimg on about?”

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