Tuesday, June 8, 2021

You’re Not Helping

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) probably thinks he’s doing some healing and soothing with his demands for “bipartisanship” and refusal to support the voting reform bill and the dismantling of the filibuster.  Well, let’s ask someone who actually lives in his state. Over to you, John Cole:

I finally got around to reading Manchin’s idiotic, delusional, and self-serving editorial, and it appears Manchin’s main problem is he doesn’t understand the difference between partisan legislation and a partisan vote. When he says he will not vote for partisan legislation, what he really means is not what is in the bill, what he means is he will not vote for anything that doesn’t end with a “bipartisan” vote. Please note that bipartisan, in this context, does not mean legislation that both parties will embrace like a bill to prevent puppy torture, but instead it means 50% democrats and 10% Republicans voting together.

In other words, he doesn’t give a shit what the text of the bill actually says, or what it does, or what the outcomes will be. All he cares is that some Republicans vote with the Democrats. For whatever reason, he seems to think that that will “heal the country” and bring the country back together.

It’s insane for a number of reasons. First, the main point of passing a bill is because of WHAT IS IN THE GOD DAMNED THING AND WHAT IT DOES, not to hold each other’s dicks during the vote and express how much you love each other. Second, this effectively blocks EVERYTHING Joe Biden and the Democrats propose, because all the Republicans have to do is say no, and Manchin will then decide the bill is not bipartisan, and he can’t support it, thus removing any culpability from the Republicans and shifting all the blame to himself. Third, it doesn’t matter if a bill actually passes with a bipartisan majority, because if after it passes, Trump says he doesn’t like it, the right wing puke funnel and all the Trump idiots will scream bloody murder about it for so long that in five years all people will remember is Nancy Pelosi rode in on a broom and executed puppies in the name of woke socialism.


Joe Manchin has decided he will not vote for anything that does NOT end with a bipartisan vote count and simultaneously given the Republicans an excuse for Never voting for anything Biden, the Democrats, or the country wants.

In short, Joe Manchin is an idiot and needs to be reined in, and probably has pissed away the opportunity to help the state of West Virginia with any filthy lucre because why should they? We can’t count on him, why would they send projects here? Send it to Murkowski or someone who might vote with the Dems to get to fifty.

There are ways around his blind attempt at Kumbaya, but he’s effectively putting an end to President Biden’s agenda as long as he’s demanding “bipartisanship.” The Republicans sure don’t want it, and as Eugene Robinson notes in the Washington Post, “Unless Manchin changes his position on the filibuster, 10 Republican senators would have to cross the aisle and join with Democrats. So far, there is one — Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska). The other nine must be in some parallel dimension, visible only to Manchin, where all the leprechauns, tooth fairies and unicorns are hiding.”


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