Monday, July 19, 2021

Darwin, Take The Wheel

According to the New York Times, the number of new cases of Covid-19 has increased by 140% in the last two weeks, and the number of deaths is up 33%.  This is happening in states where the opposition to vaccination is high and vaccination rates are low, and it coincides with the political alliance of both the state government and the general population: Republicans and conservatives.  Despite the efforts of the Biden administration — or, more likely, because of them — they aren’t getting the shots and they’re resistant to it.  Here in Florida, our governor is even fund-raising off his resistance to the campaign to get the vaccine to the people.  He’d rather spend the state resources in Texas guarding against border crossers and ginning up his 2024 presidential run.  Meanwhile, the conservative press and talking heads are coming up with a plan to blame the libs for all the impending deaths from a preventable disease because the lefties don’t respect their stupidity.  So there.

It may seem to go against my better nature, not to mention what I’ve learned as a Quaker these last fifty-plus years, but at this point in the saga, it’s hard for me to work up any sympathy or even empathy for a mindset that willfully chooses to ignore the science and allow this to happen to themselves.  So as long as they’re not presenting a danger to others, I’m in favor of letting nature take its course.  To be blunt, let them get sick, let them suffer, let them go through the pain of loss that millions of other people have witnessed and felt, especially those who fought the disease and did everything they could to prevent the spread, got the shots, but still had to endure the loss, only to be tormented by the wicked who mocked the masks, who flaunted the rules in the name of their “freedom,” and who voted to pass laws that went against the advice to isolate, to certify vaccinations, and all in the name and spirit of a charlatan who somehow still holds sway over their lives even though he nearly died of the disease himself.

A lot of these same people are the ones who are supporting the new laws in several states to suppress the votes of poor people and minorities because they didn’t like the way the last election turned out.  Well, it seems that both karma and the spirit of Charles Darwin are taking a hand and instituting their own form of voter suppression by killing off the very voting bloc that refuses to get vaccinated based on the time-honored and preadolescent philosophy of You Can’t Make Me.

One bark on “Darwin, Take The Wheel

  1. Sadly, after costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses (which eventually everyone pays for no matter what the particular insurance or even lack of insurance is), almost all of them will recover and not change a bit.


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