Thursday, July 22, 2021

Then That Happened

Yesterday I had what you would call a rich full day. Last week, after a heavy downpour, I found everything in the trunk of the Mustang was soaked. I thought that I hadn’t closed the trunk, but this afternoon I found the real reason: the rear window glass in the top had come loose along the bottom, hence the flood.

I learned a little over four years ago that you can’t just replace or repair the glass: you have to replace the entire convertible top, which can run close to $2,000. So I stopped off at All In Leather, the shop that replaced the first top when the same thing happened in 2016.  It turns out the current top is still under warranty, so all I have to pay for is the labor. Whew. But — and you knew there’s a but — the new top won’t be in until August 22. So I guess the Pontiac is going to get some miles on it. Just don’t tell the insurance company.

And… while I was driving to the repair shop, I got a text from Josh, my housemate. The toilet in his bathroom was backing up into bathtub. *Sigh* The landlord was contacted, and he thinks that since all the other facilities are running free and clear, there could be a clog in the vent stack. My plumber pal Alex is coming to take care of it this afternoon.

So, how was your day?

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  1. Well, how does $2,600 in car repairs and needing a new washing machine and refrigerator simultaneously? I feel your pain.

    • Well, the old washing machine was 26 years old and I bought the ‘fridge for $25 at an auction 15 years ago, so it wasn’t like I hadn’t gotten my money’s worth. Would have been better if the bills had been a little more spread out, though.

      • A new refrigerator and new washer will use less electricity and the washer less water too. Was the car a $1000 special from ten years ago? Consult Consumer Reports. If you subscribe ($$) you can look up their past reports.

        Actually a bit of detail on the car part of your story would also be interesting.


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