Thursday, August 5, 2021

Ron DeFlection

With Florida leading the country in new Covid-19 infections, the hospitals overwhelmed, and people dying in numbers we haven’t seen since the worst times of the pandemic over a year ago, what is the biggest problem facing the state, according to the governor?


Gov. Ron DeSantis lashed out at President Joe Biden a day after Biden told the Republican governor to “get out of the way” of mask mandates.

During a stop in Panama City on Wednesday, DeSantis accused Biden of “helping facilitate” COVID-19 by not securing the border with Mexico. He said immigrants crossing the border are spreading variants of the virus.

“You have hundreds of thousands of people pouring across every month,” DeSantis said. “Not only are they letting them through, they’re farming them out all across the country, putting them on planes, putting them on buses. Do you think they’re worrying about COVID for that? Of course not.”

He said the immigrants are crossing the border from all over the world, and “whatever variants there are around the world, they’re coming across that southern border.”

“He’s not shutting down the virus. He’s helping facilitate it,” DeSantis said of Biden.

Looked in the mirror recently, Ron? Meanwhile, he’s ruling like a big-government bureaucrat — the kind of ruler that the Republicans used to scare the crap out of their voters by pointing to the Democrats — and trying to deflect his proto-Trumpism with the tactic TFG uses all the time. “Don’t look at me! Look over there!”

Meanwhile, the school districts are basically telling the governor to, ahem, get out of the way.

Some of Florida’s largest school districts have announced they will either keep or issue new mask mandates in light of the coronavirus outbreak that is ravaging the state, challenging an order by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) threatening to withhold funds from school districts if they mandate that students wear face coverings.

At least four school districts in the state are pushing back against the governor’s staunch opposition to new virus restrictions or mask mandates after he issued an executive order Friday saying that recent guidance from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that students wear masks “lacks” scientific justification and warning that the government could withhold state funds from “noncompliant” schools.

The school districts’ resistance comes as the nation grapples with a surge of infections and hospitalizations linked to the delta variant of the coronavirus. It has prompted a nationwide debate on what measures should be implemented for children, particularly those under 12, who are not eligible for vaccination in the United States, as schools return to in-person learning in August, with several Republican governors opposing or blocking mask mandates.

Broward County Public Schools, the second-largest district in Florida and the sixth-largest in the country, announced Wednesday it will keep its mask mandate and await “further guidance before rendering a decision on the mask mandate for the upcoming school year.”

“At this time, the District’s face covering policy, which requires the use of masks in District schools and facilities, remains in place,” the district said in a statement. The announcement came after the school district reversed its mask requirement Monday, saying it wanted to comply with the governor’s order.

“The Broward County School Board has chosen to pause,” board chairwoman Rosalind Osgood said in a video statement Wednesday. “We want to do our due diligence to make sure that whatever the decision we make going forward will be decision that will allow us to keep our students, our staff and our community safe.”

The Miami Herald editorial says it.

President Biden sure had a lot to say to the nation’s governors Tuesday. He told Gov. Andrew Cuomo that he ought to resign in light of the New York state attorney general’s just-released report outlining sexual-harassment allegations against the governor. And Cuomo’s a fellow Democrat.

The president had absolutely no patience with two Republican governors who are standing in the way of mask mandates that would protect their constituents from the delta variant of COVID-19, which has gone on a rampage. Biden’s demand: “Get out of the way!”

He was admonishing Greg Abbott, of Texas, and, of course, Florida’s own Gov. Ron DeSantis. Our irresponsible governor who mocks mask wearing as being, apparently, for wusses. Our bullying governor who threatens to cut vital funding if local officials even think of imposing mask mandates on public-school students. (The delta variant has led to a surge in children being hospitalized in Florida.) Our shrewd governor who’s funding his re-election campaign with drink koozies and T-shirts that mock Dr. Anthony Fauci. Our scapegoating governor who blamed reporters at a news conference in Miami for causing “hysteria” by reporting the record-high number of hospitalizations in the state.

Yes, that Gov. DeSantis.

We have some advice for our well-intentioned president: Don’t waste your breath. Odds are, the allegedly licentious Gov. Cuomo will tender his resignation long before Florida sees a mask mandate from our anti-mandate leader.

The only thing Ron DeSantis cares about is his poll numbers. Ironically, the people he’s reaching are the ones who are refusing to be vaccinated and refusing to follow the advice of the CDC. He’s killing off his base.


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