Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Back Home Again

Yes, I am back in Miami after the weekend at Cheley Colorado Camps, but in a sense, I felt like I was back home again when I was there.  I saw friends I’ve known since I was a camper in 1964, co-workers that I’ve been close to since the 1970’s and beyond, and had time to sit and talk with them as if we had never been apart for all those years.

This time I took a lot of pictures.  Many of them were reminders of places at camp that reminded me of the times at camp (a plate of beans and burgers, the Sunday night cookout staple) or reminders of good times (a prop from a legendary skit), and pictures of friends together, spanning the decades.  I won’t bother you with photos of things that don’t mean much to folks who didn’t go to camp with me.  But there is one picture that captures a memory and a vista that I hope I never lose: the magnificent view of the Mummy Range in Rocky Mountain National Park as seen from camp.  It was the first view I remember when I arrived at camp in 1964 and it was the view I had every morning, rain or shine, as I went down the hill to breakfast.  It’s the wallpaper on my home and work computer, updating the same view that I took in 2000.


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