Thursday, September 9, 2021

Dramatic News

I’m happy to announce that my play, “Dark Twist,” will be published by Next Stage Press on October 1.

Artwork by Craig Houk

Dark Twist is a drama about coming to terms with the past. Set at an all-boys boarding school in New England – a school not only steeped in tradition, but also in illicit scandals and harrowing secrets – Richard Barlow and Jeff Arnold, former classmates and now teachers, meet in one of their old classrooms to reminisce. Enter Jim Robertson, the man who hired them both. Tensions intensify as the three begin a fierce dance culminating in a relentless series of revelations, each more startling than the last.

A little background: In 1985 I was in New York doing research for my PhD thesis and came across contact information for a former classmate from boarding school. We had lunch and talked for a long time about our shared experiences. When I got back to Boulder, I wrote the play and had a reading of it through Actors Ensemble Theatre in March 1986. Fast-forward to December 2020. I found a copy of the play in my bookshelf and revised it, offering it to Next Stage in March 2021.


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