Wednesday, September 22, 2021

I’m Shocked, Shocked

To quote the dude in Star Wars, “She lied to us.”

Two weeks after the 2020 election, a team of lawyers closely allied with Donald J. Trump held a widely watched news conference at the Republican Party’s headquarters in Washington. At the event, they laid out a bizarre conspiracy theory claiming that a voting machine company had worked with an election software firm, the financier George Soros and Venezuela to steal the presidential contest from Mr. Trump.

But there was a problem for the Trump team, according to court documents released on Monday evening.

By the time the news conference occurred on Nov. 19, Mr. Trump’s campaign had already prepared an internal memo on many of the outlandish claims about the company, Dominion Voting Systems, and the separate software company, Smartmatic. The memo had determined that those allegations were untrue.

The court papers, which were initially filed late last week as a motion in a defamation lawsuit brought against the campaign and others by a former Dominion employee, Eric Coomer, contain evidence that officials in the Trump campaign were aware early on that many of the claims against the companies were baseless.

The documents also suggest that the campaign sat on its findings about Dominion even as Sidney Powell and other lawyers attacked the company in the conservative media and ultimately filed four federal lawsuits accusing it of a vast conspiracy to rig the election against Mr. Trump.

According to emails contained in the documents, Zach Parkinson, then the campaign’s deputy director of communications, reached out to subordinates on Nov. 13 asking them to “substantiate or debunk” several matters concerning Dominion. The next day, the emails show, Mr. Parkinson received a copy of a memo cobbled together by his staff from what largely appear to be news articles and public fact-checking services.

But it kept the lies alive long enough to get the gangs together for the insurrection on January 6, and more importantly, kept Trump assured that he was really still the president, and kept his machinery going to grift from his pigeons out there who still believe in his magical powers, just like the guy who sells miracle water in a Baggie for $29.95 plus shipping and handling.

What’s catching up with the lawyers is that they know that if they present false evidence in court, they’re the ones who will be sanctioned and possibly disbarred, and you can’t chase ambulances or suck up to dictators if you’re no longer allowed to practice law. They’ve already got enough trouble as it is; they could easily be sued by the voting machine companies for libel.

Frankly, I don’t thing anyone’s really surprised at this news. Part of being a lawyer for Trump is being able to suborn perjury in public and then not get paid for the effort. These people sound like they’re just the kind who’d do that.


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