Friday, October 8, 2021

Happy Friday

Some of you get a long weekend.  In some places they celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Monday.  In Canada, it’s Thanksgiving Weekend, which means it’s the last long weekend before it starts to get too cold to go hang out at the lake or have a last cook-out.  (Yes, they do turkey in Canada, too.)

It looks like the government will stay open, and the abortion ban in Texas has been stopped by a federal judge.  But neither of those actions are permanent, so brace yourself for more of that.  It also looks like the state of Florida has finally filed with the US Department of Education for its share of the American Rescue Plan’s education fund, amounting to $2.3 billion.  That means I’ll have a reason to go to work and make sure that my school is putting the money to good use.

Have a good weekend.


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