Tuesday, October 5, 2021

White Guys Fighting It Out

Not that it really matters…

Trump said Gov. Ron DeSantis would be no match for him in a potential 2024 matchup.

“If I faced him, I’d beat him like I would beat everyone else,” Trump told Yahoo! Finance, noting that DeSantis likely would stand down.

“I don’t think I will face him,” Trump said. “I think most people would drop out; I think he would drop out.”

The comments come as a new poll showed DeSantis competitive with Trump in the 2024 field. The poll from the John Bolton SuperPAC showed Trump and DeSantis tied with 25% support. The survey revealed a seemingly strange aversion to Trump among likely Republican voters, with just 26% of the 1,000 polled wanting Trump to run at all.

Another poll from the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University and the Harris Poll paints a different picture.

That survey says that Trump is still the overwhelming favorite, and it’s actually Vice President Mike Pence who would be the second choice. Trump drew 58% support when included, compared to Pence’s 13% and DeSantis’ 9%. Without Trump, Pence was the choice of 32%, and DeSantis just 20%.

I think it’s a perfect portrait of the GOP: a bunch of white guys lining up like it’s tee-time at a restricted country club.


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