Wednesday, November 3, 2021

And So It Goes

The gubernatorial election in Virginia went as expected but not hoped.  The one in New Jersey is too close to call.  The pundits and Very Serious People who sit around tables in cable TV studios will now discuss the meaningful implications for the rest of the world and Steve Kornacki’s khakis.

Meanwhile, the truly bat-shit crazy people rallied in Dealey Plaza in Dallas awaiting the resurrection of JFK Jr.

No, really.

The spectacle captivated people, some amused at the ridiculousness of the far-fetched theory that Kennedy faked his death. But the size of Tuesday’s gathering was concerning for Jared Holt, a resident fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab who researches domestic extremism. The claim about Kennedy Jr. is considered fringe even for supporters of QAnon, a collective of baseless conspiracy theories revolving around an idea that Trump is battling a Satan-worshiping cabal that traffics children for sex. The sprawling set of false claims that have coalesced into an extremist ideology has radicalized its followers and incited violence and criminal acts. The FBI has designated it a domestic terrorism threat.

Here I spend hours writing plays and fiction, trying to come up with compelling observations about the human condition and the wonders of it all, when in reality, I don’t stand a chance of coming up with something like that.


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