Monday, November 8, 2021

Eighteen Years

Today marks the eighteenth anniversary of the start of this blog.  And if the counter is correct, this is the 30,798th post.

I’m told that in terms of life expectancy of blogs, eighteen years is like an eon; a lot of blogs have come and gone since I started, and even blogging itself is somewhat of a dinosaur: everyone now has Twitter and Instagram and Tik-Tock or whatever the newest form of social media there is.  (The blog does have a Twitter account — @BobbbyBBWW — but I don’t feed it.)  But here I am, still poking away on this old-fashioned form, the equivalent of an Underwood typewriter in a voice-to-text world.

A lot has happened since that Saturday afternoon in November 2003 when I put up the first post, and a lot has changed, including my blogging habits.  Where I once had a minimum of three or more posts a day mostly dedicated to politics and that sort of silliness, now I’m down to one or two a day, and they’re not breaking news.  That’s because it’s reflecting my semi-retired state, content to relax a little and reflect on things that may not be headline news, but more a comment on this intriguing human condition we find ourselves in, not unlike the plays that I write or the characters who observe it.

I still try to do my best not to bore you.  I may not rant like some of my friends; I may not have deep insight and or in-depth research on the topic of the day.  I would rather let others do the work and I’ll bring them to your attention.  Rather than be the drunk guy at the end of the bar carrying on about socialism, I’d rather be the one sitting on the back porch on a quiet summer evening listening to the night sounds with perhaps a baseball game on the radio from inside the house.

So that said, let me add my thanks to you who stop by here and take a look.  There aren’t a lot of you — according to Stats Counter, I average about 200 hits a day — but I value your attention and your friendship, and with good luck and good health, we’ll do this again in another year, and a year after that, and so on.  And so on.


PS: Thank you, WaterGirl, at Balloon Juice for your kind post noting the occasion and your generosity in support of the blog and my writing.  Fellow Juicers: welcome!

5 barks and woofs on “Eighteen Years

  1. Congrats on the anniversary !! Good job lasting so long. I had some amusing thoughts to pass along, but by the time my achingly slow sat dish dished up the Bark Woof Blog, they had all fled. Should have written a script!

    Carry on !


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