Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Josh Hawley’s Manhood Problem

The junior senator from Missouri has a small problem.

Let me start by pressing home this point. The Left’s attack on America leads directly to an attack on manhood. For years now, Democrats and other leftists have insisted that American society is systemically oppressive, systemically evil and unjust. They’ve said it so much and so often that to them, it’s become a truism. It’s become the very cornerstone of their worldview.

Men are getting the message. They’re leaving higher education in record numbers. I suspect you’ve seen the recent Wall Street Journal reporting: Women now make up 60 percent of college students; men, 40 percent. Experts predict a 2:1 ratio soon, with the trend sped up by the pandemic. But the message of toxic masculinity is not only in the academy. It’s in our grade schools, where boys are increasingly treated like an illness in search of a cure. If boys are too rambunctious, they’re diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder and medicated into submission. Hollywood delivers the toxic masculinity theme ad nauseum in television and film.

And our expert class amplifies it. The American Psychological Association now advises that “conforming to traditional masculinity ideology has been shown to limit males’ psychological development … and negatively influence mental health and physical health.” Manhood is a disease to be defeated. The Left delivers the same message in the press, through the corporations, and through advertising. Gillette infamously ran an ad campaign for its razors in 2019 that included this voice-over: “Bullying … MeToo movement against sexual harassment … toxic masculinity … is this the best a man can get?” And the Left is writing this same men-are-the-problem mantra into policy.

Maybe it’s because I’m old and gay, but my masculinity has never felt threatened by college curricula, kindergarten teachers, psychologists, pharmacists, movie producers, and razor blade companies.  I have no idea why Sen. Hawley feels threatened by backlash to bullies and people who act like undisciplined adolescents and drunken frat boys.  Maybe Freud was right: it’s all about sex, and specifically, Hawley’s own perception of his ability — or lack of it — to not be a dick.


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