Wednesday, December 1, 2021

They’re Pro-Virus

The Republicans blame President Biden for the surge in the pandemic as they fight every attempt to stop it.

As cases surge once again in some parts of the country, Republicans have hit on a new line of attack: The president has failed on a central campaign promise, to tame the pandemic that his predecessor systematically downplayed. Democrats are incredulous, dismissing the strategy as another strand of spaghetti thrown at the wall.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates hit back hard: “If Covid-19 and inflation had lobbyists to help them kill more American jobs, Kevin McCarthy would be their favorite member of Congress,” he said. “He is actively undermining the fight against Covid, which is driving inflation.”

What this tells us is that the Republicans are pro-virus: they are actively encouraging people to get sick and die just to show the world that no one can tell them what to do. This is behavior that you would normally hear from a five-year-old brat, but that’s an insult to five-year-olds.


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