Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Not From “The Onion”

Part of an irregular series of posts wherein I challenge you to read a story that is not a parody.  This entry is via Charlie Pierce.

Here is a member of the Wisconsin state legislature who is about to become very Internet Famous. His name is Treig Pronschinske, and he represents the district surrounding the city of Mondovi, a lovely place in Buffalo County along the Buffalo River where somewhere short of 3,000 people live.

(For the record, Wisconsin killed off its wild buffalo population somewhere around 1830, but, thanks to a good Wisconsinite named Wallace Grange, who reintroduced bison to the state in the 1940s, there is now a small population in the Sandhill Wildlife Area. It’s nice that the old buffalo herds have a county and a river for us to remember them by. And I know that bison and buffalo are different, but hey, it’s the thought that counts. Wisconsin used to make so much sense.)

Sayeth Pronschinske:

If you can’t see the virus, how’re you going to do it? How you going to do it? How can you stop it? You physically cannot see the virus. You don’t know if it’s in this room or outside or if it even exists right now in here. You have no clue. How’re you going to stop that?

Is someone going to tell him that he can’t see oxygen, but that doesn’t mean he should stop breathing?

This is one reason why I pay the state an extra $25 a year to have a license plate that says “SUPPORT EDUCATION.” I’m not bragging; I’m begging.

One bark on “Not From “The Onion”

  1. I grew up in Wisconsin, or perhaps I should say that I was raised there, since I’m not sure I ever grew up. In any case, the state isn’t recognizable any more. The worst elements have taken over.


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