Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Egg On Their Faces

This bit of news from the Washington Post made me smile a lot.

Eggs. Many, many eggs. That is what greeted a trucker convoy protesting outside the home of a Democratic state lawmaker in Oakland, Calif., last week.

It turns out that residents of the East Bay neighborhood, including the younger ones, were not happy with the hulking rigs disrupting their lives.

Video shows people pelting the trucks with eggs and shouting, “Get out of our town!” Many youths are seen celebrating after emptying several cartons and launching a barrage of eggs.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” one of the egg-throwers is heard yelling in the video.

Drivers had been blasting their horns and crowding the roadway outside the East Bay home of State Assembly member Buffy Wicks on Friday. The truckers said on a live stream that they were targeting the Democrat because she had proposed a bill preventing coroners from investigating stillbirths and other lost pregnancies. Another bill she proposed, which has since been put on hold, calls for employers to mandate that workers be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The California Highway Patrol and Oakland police told the San Francisco Chronicle that no arrests or citations were issued and that the demonstrations, which congested roads outside the lawmaker’s home for about an hour, were peaceful. Those departments did not immediately respond to requests for comment Tuesday.

Erin Ivie, a spokeswoman for Wicks, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Ivie told the Mercury News that the lawmaker would not be intimidated by the protests over her support of the abortion rights bill.

“Bullhorns and loud trucks lend no legitimacy to baseless conspiracy theories, and Asm. Wicks will not indulge any attempts to influence her legislative work through harassment and intimidation tactics — especially when it’s directed at one’s home and one’s family,” Ivie said.


Video shows people holding out egg cartons for others to grab and chuck at the vehicles. In one instance, an egg hit a man’s face as he was driving.

More than a dozen children hurled eggs at trucks near the intersection of 63rd Street and College Avenue. One member of the People’s Convoy tried persuading the teens not to throw the eggs — to no avail.

“We’re fighting for your freedoms too,” a convoy participant yelled, according to SFGATE.

At one point, some young people told a convoy member to roll his window down. When he didn’t, they launched at least six eggs at the truck and then scurried away, according to video.

At least one protester conceded on a live stream that the egg-throwing children had forced the convoy to leave the neighborhood.

Many future generations of chickens gave their all to humiliate those losers.