Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Freak Out vs. Calm Down

One of the expected outcomes of the execution of the search warrant at Trump’s place up the coast from here was that the GOP and their minions would lose their collective shit.  And they did; the papers and the Very Serious People on cable TV were running stories about members of Congress who still pay fealty to Trump and the neo-Fascist on-line forums were exploding with screams of “lock and load” and predictions of civil war, reminding me of the old adage that the closer you get to the bacon, the more the pig will squeal.  (And it goes without saying that Trump’s gang is already fund-raising off it.)

But I am skeptical that the 101st Flying Keyboardists will truly do much more than carry on like banshees with their nuts in the wringer, especially since their short-term memory has failed them; in 2016 they were all over Hillary Clinton and demanding that the FBI raid the basement in Chappaqua.  If anything, it will prompt Trump’s gang to do more stupid things and it may even push him to announce — surprise surprise — that he’s running in 2024.  And that, as Josh Marshall at TPM notes, cannot be a good thing for the Republicans.

As a narrowly political matter, step back and see the broader context. Republicans have been trying very hard to keep Trump out of the midterms. They don’t want an election that is a choice between Biden and Democrats or Trumpism. They want a referendum about Biden and the general sense that everything kinda sucks. Until the summer that was working quite well and it may still work enough to hand them the Congress. Putting Trump at the center of things in the home stretch isn’t a plus for the GOP and they know it. They just have no choice.

If and when the Department of Justice releases the details of the search warrant and we find out the process they went through to get it, it’s still going to be in the news.  Given the pace that the DOJ has taken in dealing with Trump and the failed coup attempt, it may be a helluva an October surprise.

3 barks and woofs on “Freak Out vs. Calm Down

  1. And, of course, Trump is dominating the headlines when the historic CHIPs legislation was passed. Our press is pathetic. What else is new?

  2. Trump could always be proactive about this and release a nonredacted or edited copy of the search warrant the FBI gave his people at the start of the ‘unannounced raid’ of Mar-a-lago.

  3. The situation is rich with irony. It was Trump that changed mishandling classified documents to a felony. It was intended to add gravitas to the almost entirely fictional and circumstantial case against HRC. Talk about being ‘hoisted with his own petard’. LOL.

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