Thursday, October 6, 2022

Changing Times

I suppose it has to do with being around for a while that it’s somewhat amazing to me that Herschel Walker, an inarticulate man and one who is not especially comfortable with honesty about his past and employment history, is running a close race to be the next Republican senator from Georgia, and that he’s running against another man, incumbent Sen. Rafael Warnock.  Both men are Black.  The idea that white conservatives would support Mr. Walker is an eye-opener for someone who has vivid memories of Georgia’s racist past during the Civil Rights era (vide Lester Maddox).

In a way I feel sorry for both Mr. Walker and the people of Georgia who have had him foisted on them by Trump and the MAGA crowd who are proving that they could run any candidate.  Clearly he doesn’t have the background to be a politician.  All that matters to Trump and MAGA is chalking in another R in the nose count on the Senate floor.  Other than that, he’s a live version of the 1979 film Being There with Mr. Walker as Chauncey Gardner.

It used to matter who represented a state in Congress.  Men and women who devoted their lives to the betterment of the people and making the country a better place are being replaced by cardboard cutouts purely out of spite.  It used to matter that something like character actually counted; I remember hearing people like Newt Gingrich and William Bennett chastising Bill Clinton for his affair with Monica Lewinsky and telling the world that such a reprobate had no business being president even as Mr. Gingrich was fucking around on his second wife.

You have to wonder at what point will this normalization of hypocrisy and blatant cynicism that proves to the electorate that the people who want to run the country don’t really give a damn about them become not just the norm cross the line.

Look behind you.

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