Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Rounding Up

For some reason, birthdays ending in zero have indicated big changes in my life. Whether it’s coincidence or karma is not for me to judge, but here’s a look at what I’ve seen happen around those ages.

At 10: I was starting Grade 5 with Mrs. Cahill at Maumee Valley Country Day School. She was the first teacher to tell me I had a talent for writing… if nothing else.

At 20: Starting my sophomore year at the University of Miami, I was beginning to lose my passion for acting; not getting parts in plays enforced it. I still went on and got my B.F.A. in acting, only to be told I should have been a playwright all along.

At 30: I was beginning Grad School 2.0 to build on the M.F.A. I’d gotten five years before in playwriting. I went for a doctorate in playwriting and dramatic criticism. I was gonna be a theatre professor.

At 40: I was living in Michigan selling windows and doors and realizing the my relationship with Jack Daniel was not making my life — or Allen’s — any easier. Hi, AA and Al-Anon.

At 50: I started my job as a grants administrator with Miami-Dade County Public Schools after the harsh reality that while I wanted to teach, I wasn’t very good at it. All those business skills I learned in jobs to pay for my education were my true calling…

At 60: I was a produced playwright with a New York credit. Now all I had to do was write more plays.

At 70: I’ve written more plays, made more friends, learned to cherish some things and let go of others. What’s next?

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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