Wednesday, November 16, 2022


So, the Former Guy is running again.  It’s the most foregone conclusion since before he lost the last time.  The only difference is that not only does no one with a functioning brain cell actually give a rat’s ass, he’s already losing support from the minions who were there the last time.

It’s not that anything’s really changed about him.  He’s still the same lying exaggerator that he has been all his life to the point that even the headline in the grayish New York Times was “Trump Announces 2024 Run, Repeating Lies and Exaggerating Record.” The Murdoch empire has soured on him, literally pulling the plug halfway through his announcement last night.  The difference is that this time, he’s directly to blame for the GOP losing badly in the mid-term elections last week, and even the one bright spot for any other party — winning back the House by perhaps three seats — will turn into an epic battle of egos and just plain lunacy between the various factions of election-deniers, gun-nuts, Jesus-shouters, and panty-sniffers.  Have fun, Kevin.

There are two reasons why he’s running again.  First is that he mistakenly thinks that it will put the kibosh on legal actions against him by the Department of Justice.  But Attorney General Merrick Garland has indicated that it won’t stop his team, and even if it slows them, there’s still the state of Georgia looking into criminal charges of election interference in 2020, and the state of New York already planning to pull the trigger on their investigation into his various schemes.  The second reason is something that psychologists and behavioral scientists can analyze on a deeper level, going back through his tortured life of excess and puffery.  As Susan B. Glasser notes in The New Yorker, “He does not care if you call him a liar, a cheat, a fraud, and a huckster. But, as the past two years have shown, he is willing to do anything, including blow up the foundations of American democracy, if you declare him a loser.”

One bark on “Loser

  1. His “announcement” was as predictable as the sun rising in the east. I’m hoping against hope that the major media don’t feel obligated to amplify his every statement. He’s gone beyond tiresome; I think even many of his former nazgul have grown weary of the carnival barker act.


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