Tuesday, January 3, 2023


I wasn’t watching the Bengals-Bills football game last night — “Inherit the Wind” was on TCM — but I caught up on the news about Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest on the field in Cincinnati.

I never played football other than the touch games in the backyard with friends. I wasn’t big enough, and I wasn’t interested in getting the shit kicked out of me on a regular basis.  I used to watch it on a regular basis on Sundays, and my family even had season tickets to watch the Lions play at Tiger Stadium back in the mid-60’s.  I’ve lived in major-league cities — Miami, Minneapolis, and the Denver area — and I used to get excited when “my” teams won.  But in the last few years as stories of brain damage and other life-threatening injuries began to emerge, I stopped watching.

As an outsider, I don’t have a say in how the game is played, nor do I have any insight in how to prevent something like what happened last night from happening again.  I just hope that Mr. Hamlin has a speedy and uneventful recovery and finds a place in the world off the field where he can live out his life in good health.

One bark on “Heart-Stopping

  1. The problem with the Monday night games for me is that we get up at 4 a.m., so I never see more than a few minutes before I’m off to bed, so I didn’t see this incident. I did play in high school, sort of; I always described the position I played as “left out.” Partner does enjoy it and I’ve had to learn something about the game as a result. I think I’ve improved quite a bit from the time I asked a question about the “costumes” the two teams were wearing – although I’m not sure that description is really inaccurate.

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