Thursday, March 16, 2023

The Dorkiest Place On Earth

Andy Borowitz:

ORLANDO (The Borowitz Report)—Ron DeSantis has unveiled an ambitious plan to raze Disney World and replace it with a “Dilbert”-themed attraction.

The new theme park, tentatively called Dilbert World, will attract “millions of Americans deprived of their favorite comic strip by the left-wing media Reich,” the Florida governor said.

Calling the new tourist destination “a woke-free zone,” DeSantis promised, “Parents who go to Dilbert World can rest assured that their children will not be exposed to the vile multicultural propaganda that it’s a small world, after all.”

DeSantis was vague about what kind of rides might be featured in Dilbert World, saying only that “they will probably involve cubicles.”

Perfect place for Dopey.


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