Wednesday, May 17, 2023

True Or False – Florida Sex Obsession

Here are two stories from recent articles.  See if you can spot the real one versus the sarcastic take.

Story 1:

A third-grade teacher in Pensacola, Florida, has been arrested for showing her students a Disney movie featuring a boy character with a girl’s name, school-district officials have confirmed.

The teacher, Carol Foyler, claimed that she thought it was “O.K.” to show the incendiary film because the character in question was a deer.

Governor Ron DeSantis, however, begged to differ, arguing that Florida’s children were being “indoctrinated to emulate the deer’s sick life style.”

“Students in Florida’s schools have not been taught to distinguish between themselves and deer,” he said.

DeSantis also objected to a controversial scene early in the film in which the main character’s mother is shot and killed. “I will not rest until Florida’s schools are rid of such blatant anti-Second Amendment propaganda,” he vowed.

Story 2:

The Florida Department of Education could visit a K-8 school in Hernando County as early as Wednesday as part of an ongoing investigation into a fifth-grade teacher’s decision to show a Disney movie featuring a gay character in her classroom.

A letter sent home to parents Friday and obtained by the Miami Herald indicated a representative from the Office of Professional Practices of the state’s education department “will be on campus on or about Wednesday, May 17, 2023.” If the parent has no objection, the representative “may interview your daughter/son in connection with an investigation of a Florida certified educator,” the letter read.

Karen Jordan, public information officer for the Hernando School District, confirmed the letter was sent home to parents and said the school administration “was made aware of the visit last week.” Jordan did not confirm if the visit would occur Wednesday or at a later date.

Winding Waters K-8 has made national headlines in recent days over teacher Jenna Barbee’s decision to play the 2022 movie “Strange World” — which features Disney’s first character who is out and gay, and is rated PG — and the Department of Education’s decision to investigate her after a school board member allegedly reported the incident.

Okay, class, pens down.  Which one is from the Miami Herald, and which one is from The New Yorker’s Andy Borowitz?

Hard to tell, isn’t it?  How sad is that?