Wednesday, January 10, 2024


It’s amazing how much spam shit shows up in both my mailboxes.  Most of it is scary Russian or Chinese bot-crap about how Biden is destroying the dollar so invest in these stocks, crypto, or gold, or how Russia destroyed a “hostile” submarine, or there’s a “secret weapon” being developed in the New Mexico desert (like what, the Trinity test?).  It all goes to Junk and I know not to try to unsubscribe because that tells them “Hey, look, we got a live one.”

What I find disturbing is that there are people that fall for this shit.  If they didn’t, of course, they wouldn’t be sending it out.  But along with the conspiracy theories and the “Biden is a maniacal dictator” (or asleep… I wish they’d make up their mind) it’s telling me that we’ve got a lot of very stupid people out there.  That’s how they – the Trumpers – win.

One bark on “SpamSpamSpamSpam

  1. One of the ancillary benefits of the Republican grift machine is by getting people to donate gobs of money to Trump or whatever, goldbug health supplement, prepare freeze dried food stuff, rightwingers bankrupt themselves and then Republicans can tell them ‘SEE You’re broke because of Bidencomics!!!”

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