Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Oh Stop

Joe Biden won the Michigan primary with 80-plus percent of the vote.  Yes, there was a sizeable “Uncommitted” vote tally, most likely from the Detroit suburbs where there is a large Palestinian and Muslim community that is unhappy with the U.S. position on the war in Gaza, but still, 80-plus is not nothing.

And yet there are Very Serious Pundits who think that perhaps the Democrats should come up with someone else to run.  “It’s not too late,” they ponder, and then when asked “Well, who, then?” they scratch their chin very thoughtfully and wonder if there’s any coffee left in the green room.

I have one word for them: Stop.  You want more?  Then Shut The Fuck Up.  And here’s more: John Cole at Balloon Juice.

So help me allah, should anyone ever mention replacing Biden in front of me I might make the nightly news. It’s so fucking insane and what is nauseating is I have lived through this type of media driven nonsense so many fucking times. Remember the Hillaryis44 and PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) crowd going into fucking June thinking they still had a path to victory? Or the Bernie folks convinced the maths would work out for them? Or the unskew the polls idiots? Every single one of them was denying what was clearly right in front of their fucking faces. And over and over and over again. And the media was right there with them, in many cases enabling their nonsense.

This is worse than even any of those previous cases. This is a sitting fucking President. Do these imbeciles not understand the fucking power of incumbency? And not only that, how would they fucking do it? Just invalidate the will of the Democratic voters, who, by the way, are still fucking going out every primary and saying “Yeah I like Biden.” It’s insanity, it’s anti-democratic, and it is basically impossible. Only two things are going to keep Biden off the ballot at this point- him saying “Fuck all of you I’m off to drive a corvette and eat ice cream,” or his death. And you can make all the fucking old jokes you want, it will have to be a sudden and unexpected passing like a heart attack or embolism, because he may be old, but he’s healthy as fuck and under constant surveillance by THE BEST FUCKING DOCTORS IN THE WORLD. If money and the best modern medicine can keep that meth addled big mac chomping diet coke swilling Trump alive, Biden ain’t going anywhere.

I am old enough and seen enough elections to remember that the prevailing mood at every one of them among the denizens of the cheap seats has been “Why can’t we come up with someone else?”  LBJ vs. Goldwater.  Nixon vs. Humphrey.  Nixon vs. McGovern.  Ford vs. Carter.  Carter vs. Reagan.  Every damn time there’s whining and moaning, and don’t even get me started on Bush I and II against anyone.  Hey, remember Michael Dukakis?  (Obviously Word doesn’t because Spell Check doesn’t.)  The ranting continuo is “the lesser of two evils,” as if all of them, on both sides, have a quantifiable evil quotient.

Well, this time, it’s true: Trump is truly evil; he’s bragged about being an autocrat and a dictator.  He’s never been one to keep a secret and his minions are openly publishing their plans to upend the rule of law and tear down whatever checks and balances there are to install him.  And if he’s elected, there’s no going back.  January 6, 2021 was the warning; this time they mean it.

So either get on board with getting Joe Biden re-elected and turn the House back to the Democrats and keep the Senate, or get out of the way and plan to live in exile like this guy.

CIVRAC-EN-MÉDOC, France — Jim McDermott never intended to become an expatriate. But from his first day in this tiny village near Bordeaux, he felt strangely at home. “I relaxed for the first time in years. My shoulders weren’t all bunched up to my ears.”

He made a radical leap from a comfortable retirement in the United States to a stone cottage in rural France for reasons that are suddenly timely for friends and former colleagues in D.C. who are facing the possibility that a vengeful Donald Trump could win the presidential election.

In private conversations with McDermott, they wonder how to gauge the seriousness of Trump’s increasingly dire threats to the country’s democratic underpinnings and, potentially, to them and their families. “I get calls from my friends now who say they are scared to do what I did but are scared to stay.”

He tells them: “If you can afford it, buy a second home in France, or Spain, or Portugal, wherever … a second home that could become a safe house,” he said.

I’m 71 and could be convinced to go someplace nice and warm — I hear St. Kitts is quiet — but Joe Biden is ten years older than me, and he’s staying and fighting.  So should we all.

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