Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sunday Reading

Taking a Bit of a Break — Ethan Kuperberg in The New Yorker.

Hey, guys, just a quick note to let you know that I’m taking a little break from social media, starting next week. If you think you might need to reach me, just send me a private message and I can let you know how to stay in touch. <3

Wow! Today’s the big day—the start of my social-media “sabbatical.” Don’t have too much fun on here without me!

Loving my social-media break so far, but I wanted to log back on to encourage all of you to take a break, too. I’ve been way more present the last few days. Meditated for ten minutes!

A lot of people are asking me about my break from social media, so I thought I’d explain. It’s honestly not even about screen time, per se. I still watch TV. 🙂

It’s more about the constant distraction . . .

It’s like my brain creates this feedback loop where I HAVE to keep posting for external validation. It is not a healthy way to live—we just become these robots, basically!

Wanted to clarify that not all robots are bad. 😉 Repost if you love “WALL-E”!
 (I won’t see if you repost, because of my break from social media, but just do it for yourself.)

To get to know myself. #WhyILeftSocialMedia

Just meditated for almost fifteen minutes straight. (“Almost” because I thought I heard a door slam in the other room of my apartment, so I stopped to check it out.) Send me a message if you want recommendations for great meditation apps!

Hey, guys, I’m just taking a break from my break from social media to let you know that the door slamming was actually a burglar, and I’m literally hiding in my closet right now. 🙁

Honestly not sure what to do #socialmediabreak #burglar #911

O.K., so I think there are two burglars, and that they just heard a notification from my meditation app but they don’t know where it came from. They’re talking right outside the closet about finding me and holding me for ransom. 🙁

“And if I laugh at any mortal thing, ’tis that I may not weep.” — Lord Byron

Doonesbury — Work if you get write.