Tuesday, February 6, 2024

The 118-Page Campaign Ad

Mistermix at Balloon Juice does not like the immigration bill that is coming out from the Senate.

On the one hand, we have Democrats who would like some reasonable immigration legislation that isn’t just more money for border enforcement. On the other hand, probably 2/3 of the Republicans in the House and Senate would vote for a bill to set up machine guns at the border to mow down anyone trying to enter the country. Split the difference on that, and you get a bill that sounds like it’s all enforcement. Even though the DC Press Corpse issues double gold stars with rainbow glitter sprinkles for “bipartisanship,” Republicans will hate the bill anyway, and a lot of Democrats who have families and friends who are immigrants or potential immigrants will not be happy that we’re trumpeting this turd of a bill as some kind of “win”.

The one bright spot in this dark picture is, if this abomination passes the Senate and dies in the House, at least Democrats will get a decent talking point. They’ll be able to say that they had a solution to the border “crisis,” but the Republicans would rather play politics and try to elect Trump. That ain’t nothing, but it puts us in a place where we’re buying into this ridiculous notion that any immigration from the southern border is a “crisis”, when in fact we need immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America when our unemployment rate is effectively zero.

For all the talk about Republicans being the “adults in the room,” Democrats are constantly suppressing discussion of uncomfortable facts that Republicans are too childish to accept. Apparently, if your mental age is prior to puberty, you can’t accept that this country needs immigrants from brown-skinned countries that speak a different language. If you’re just out of diapers, mentally, you don’t understand that the proxy war against Russia is a boon and a bargain for us. And if you wish newspapers would still carry the funny pages, mentally, you think that women who are raped should carry babies to term because preacher tells you that every Sunday.

No one expected perfection because A) there’s no such thing and B) because even if there was, human nature is such that it would not make it out alive.  I honestly never thought this bill or any “bipartisan” bill would ever survive because it’s an election year.  The only thing this bill will become is a major talking point for the DNC and the Biden campaign.


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