Saturday, March 16, 2024

2 barks and woofs on “Here’s To The Crabgrass

  1. American suburbs don’t have gardens, they have yards. If your homeowner wants a garden, they dig up the grass on the perimeter of the yard, and plant flowers. Sometimes a homeowner wants a vegetable garden, and they dig up the grass in a rectangle in the middle of the yard, and plant veggies in rows (or even rectangles). Yard = unforested space around your house, typically with short grass, although it can have old rotting cars, or no grass, or household stuff to sell to passersby. Garden = place where the grass is removed so you can grow something specific. Welcome to the American suburbs!

  2. To the British, a garden is a yard the same way a lift is an elevator or an apartment is a flat. It’s the nomenclature, not the usage.

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