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The View From Here

Here is the updated photo I promised.

027One of the adventures I signed up for was a horseback ride.  I used to be quite the rider when I went to camp in the 1960’s, and when I was a counselor I often accompanied the kids on their all-day rides.  So it was like old times yesterday when I saddled up Jamaica Jet and went for a ride around the ranch.  It was a great time.  I would have worn the cowboy hat I had when I was a camper — it still fits — but rules require that we wear helmets.

034The view from the saddle.

036I return to sea-level tomorrow, but I have enough great memories to last at least until the next reunion… and a lifetime.

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For those of you in the northern climes of the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time of year your gardens start to grow.  Mine is a year-round affair, except my garden consists of a few potted plants and some orchids.

But still, it’s something.  My potted plants consist to two philodendron, and one of them — the one on the top level of the shelf in the photo below — was a present from my sister for my thirtieth birthday.  Do the math; it’s over thirty-two years old and still going strong.  It arrived when I was living in Boulder and has been with me ever since.

003The one on the lower level was acquired about twelve years ago by Bob to decorate our office and filter the air.  When he retired I brought it home and it has been doing fine ever since, even adopting a spider plant that now shares the dish.

The orchids are doing well, too, and the chili pepper vanda that I got last September for my birthday is in the process of putting out its third set of blooms.

005What kind of gardener are you?  Active?  Passive?  Green thumb?

I am a passive gardener.  I like to let things grow at their own pace and make their way in the world.

Monday, April 27, 2015

When The Bough Breaks

While trying to take a nap yesterday afternoon, I heard a thud and a crunch from the back of the house.  I went to the patio door to see this:


It wasn’t windy at all; I guess the branch just got tired of hanging around.


As you can see, it’s not a small one. The landlord has been notified; this is one of the things they have insurance for.

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Over The Fence

A local resident decides to make a break for it.

002 CroppedI used to think it was exotic to have peacocks roaming my neighborhood, but after they’ve trounced over the patio enclosure and poked holes in the screen, left turds the size of golf balls in the driveway, and made all sorts of racket in the middle of the night, I’m over them.

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Friday Orchid Blogging

Despite my reputation as the Grim Reaper of Gardening — I can kill a geranium — I am able to keep orchids alive.  You might remember that back in May I won an orchid at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden car show.  It did okay in the kitchen window, but it became obvious that it needed to be liberated from its plastic container.  I had an empty orchid hanging basket left over from a long-departed philodendron, so I cleaned it out, put some orchid bark in it, and moved the dendrobium out to a branch on the north side of a hibiscus where it will get some shaded sun and plenty of air and rain.

Let’s see how it does.