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FIU Bridge Collapse

Here’s a link to local coverage from WTVJ in Miami.  The death toll stands at six according to reports.

It could have been a lot worse; Florida International University is on spring break so there was less traffic than normal, and the bridge was still under construction so there were no pedestrians on it at the time.  But the road that the bridge crossed, SW 8th Street, also known as Tamiami Trail, is a major east-west artery and is always busy.

(My office is ten miles east of FIU and I heard about it via Facebook.  But I marked myself safe just in case.)

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Ta-Ta For The Tillerson

(Re: Post title — that’s the best I could do on short notice and “REXIT” was already taken by TPM.  Apologies to Cat Stevens.)

Via NBC:

Trump asked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to step aside, the White House confirmed Tuesday, replacing him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

In a tweet, Trump thanked Tillerson for his service and said Pompeo “will do a fantastic job.”

It really doesn’t matter who Trump puts in there; he/she/it will be a figurehead.  Trump is in charge of everything; presumably Mr. Tillerson didn’t fully grasp that.

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Short Takes

Deadly storms kill five in the South and Midwest.

Court rules against Trump’s attempt to kill DACA for now.

New York court rules that civil rights laws protect sexual orientation.

San Francisco Fire Department sees rise in breast cancer rates.

DeVos orders probe of how MSU handled sex-abuse investigation.

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