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Question of the Day

In light of yesterday’s milepost with the Mustang…

What’s the most mileage you’ve put on a car over its lifetime?

For me, no doubt it’s my 1988 Pontiac 6000 LE wagon that got to 248,000 miles before the odometer quit working three years ago.  I bought the car with about 5,400 miles on it, so all the rest are mine.  Before that I had a 1974 Jeep Wagoneer that hit 125,000 before I sold it, but it already had over 50,000 miles on it when I bought it.

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Question of the Day

From Julie (that she says she cribbed from another site):

The CIA used music to torture people. What music would you consider torture?

I listen to classical music all day, and I’ve grown to dislike music from the baroque era with screechy violins.  If they are playing instruments with catgut strings, it sounds as if the cats were still attached to them.  It sets my teeth on edge.

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Question of the Day


Are you watching the World Cup?

Miami, being the cultural melting pot of people from places where soccer is a national obsession and team spirit is strong, is awash with people wearing team colors and cars with national flags flying from antennas in support of their team.  Everywhere you go — restaurants, barber shops, any place with cable TV — the games are on, so it’s unavoidable.  But I’m not going out of my way to watch it.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Gas Price Survey/Question of the Day

Haven’t done this for a while, and with the summer driving season upon us, I’d be interested to know what gas is going for in your part of the world.

This morning I paid $3.59 at the Marathon on the corner of SW 168th Street and Old Cutler Road in suburban Miami.  On the way in to the office I saw it going for $3.69 at a station on US 1, and yesterday morning a Chevron in South Miami had regular for $3.95.  That station seems to be the highest priced place in town; it is always forty to fifty cents higher than every other station in the vicinity.  But there are always cars at the pumps, so it must not bother either the buyer or the seller.

Speaking of driving, I might as well turn this into a Question of the Day, too:

What are you currently driving… if you drive?

Me: a 2007 Mustang convertible, and a 1988 Pontiac 6000 LE Safari station wagon on weekends or to car shows.

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Question of the Day

From the Faithful Correspondent:

Where do you read?

I do a lot of it here at the computer, but second place is the chair in the living room where I read the Sunday paper and magazines.  Third is in bed, but I can only read a page or two before Morpheus takes over.  After that is the patio when the weather is nice and the sun isn’t too brutal.