Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What, No Onions?

Via No More Mister Nice Blog (and latest addition to the blogroll), today’s right-wing freak out is about President Obama’s taste in condiments.

No, seriously.

The president and vice president left the White House yesterday to go out for a burger, and I see from a couple of righty bloggers that the president did something unforgivable:

Obama ordered his burger with DIJON MUSTARD! Bet he had to seek John Kerry’s counsel on that.

Forgive me — I should have warned you to sit down before telling you that shocking news.

Obama said,

“you got a spicy mustard or something like that, or a Dijon mustard, something like that”

It’s too horrible to comprehend! Somebody tell David Brooks right away!

What I find fascinating is that these are — allegedly — grown-ups, and yet they’re obsessing over crap like this like kids in grade school burning ants with a magnifying glass. Well, I suppose when your life is devoid of meaning and purpose, you have to find something to occupy your little minds.